Read Lab at UCI

We use computational approaches from engineering and the physical sciences to study cell-biological processes relevant to human health.

We develop mathematical models, computer simulation tools, and statistical inference techniques. We apply these methods to a variety of areas, including gene networks, epigenetic regulation, and immune cell activation. The themes that link all of our projects are stochastic processes in cell biology and dynamics of biomolecular networks. 

We are part of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the Center for Complex Biological Systems, and the NSF-Simons Center for Multiscale Cell Fate at UC Irvine.

Latest News

Oct 2021

Jul 2021

Kojo gave a talk as part of the MathBioU/MathExpLR summer program for undergrad and highschool researchers: "Mathematical modeling of the effect of maintenance methylation on epigenetic drift"