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Oct 2019

Cameron's paper is up on BioRxiv! Using stochastic gene regulatory network models to analyze scRNAseq data:

Cameron, Rob, and Honglei presented posters at the 2019 Annual Symposium on Multiscale Cell Fate.

Sep 2019

Elizabeth gave an invited talk at Michigan State University, as part of the "Science at the Edge" seminar series

Elizabeth gave an invited talk at California State University, Los Angeles, Physics colloquium

Aug 2019

Elizabeth presented on kinetics of DNA methylation at q-Bio 2019 at SFSU

Jun 2019

A preprint of Luis' paper (in collaboration with the Downing lab) on kinetics of DNA methylation is now posted on BioRxiv!

Cameron presented a research poster at Algorithms and Models for Single Cell Genomics 2019: "Analyzing gene pair co-expression with stochastic gene regulation models".

Congratulations to Royce for successful submission of his Masters Thesis! "Specificity in Stochastic Protein-Protein Interaction Networks"

Congratulations to Luis for successfully defending his Masters thesis at IQS School of Engineering! "Stochastic Analysis of Kinetic Heterogeneity in Post-replication DNA Methylation"

Apr 2019

Elizabeth gave an invited talk at the Cold Spring Harbor meeting on Cellular Dynamics and Models

Brian is co-author on a paper that was accepted to PLOS Computational Biology: "Hydrodynamics of transient cell-cell contact"

Mar 2019

Congratulations to Brian, who has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis: “Improved Methods of Simulation and Analysis For Stochastic Processes in Cell Biology”!

Elizabeth gave an invited talk at the Vanderbilt University Institute for Chemical Biology

Cameron and Rob presented at the Center for Multiscale Cell Fate Early-Career Researchers Symposium. Cameron presented a talk: "Applying Stochastic Models to Analyze Single Cell Data" and Rob presented a poster: "Weighted Ensemble Methods applied to Spatial Rare Events in Cell Biology"

Jan 2019

Elizabeth will give an invited talk at the Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting

Dec 2018

Elizabeth gave an invited talk at UCLA Biophysics: "Tackling Noisy Dynamics in the Epigenome with Stochastic Modeling and Inference."

Nov 2018

Cameron presented his work on Probabilistic Boolean Networks at the AIChE meeting in Pittsburgh. 

Vanessa Machuca from the MCSB program joined us for a fall rotation. Welcome, Vanessa!

Oct 2018

Elizabeth was named a Scialog Fellow by Research Corporation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. She’ll present at the Chemical Machinery of the Cell conference this month in Tucson.

Cameron and Rob both presented posters at the Inaugural Symposium on Multiscale Cell Fate: Cameron presented “Modeling the stochastic dynamics of gene regulatory networks using probabilistic boolean networks” and Rob presented "Weighted Ensemble methods applied to cell surface evacuation."